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Take the most popular homeschool planner, combine it with all the best features from the entire Well Planned Day series, and you've got the new My Well Planned Day Software.

Purchase a subscription before we go live in August and get early beta access starting in June for only $40, with the opportunity to renew your second year for the same price. After August 1, the price will be $65/year.

This cutting-edge product is in final development stages. In the near future, you'll see additional skin options, reports, the mobile and app versions, additional log-ins (for students and teachers), and more!



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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a software download?

No, it is a web-based customized software planner that will work on any internet-capable device (and that includes PC, MAC, and Mobile Devices).

What system requirements do I need to use this software?

Although our software works on all browsers, we recommend using Firefox or Chrome browsers for optimum performance. Hi-Speed internet will work best, especially for picture/file downloads.

Is there a trial period?

We offer a 30 day refund (minus 10% processing fee) on all software purchase. This will give you a month to try this planner for only pennies a day!

I'm not sure where to start using this planner. Can you help?

We recommend that you head over to our Facebook Page and watch our latest Tutorial during our BETA stage. We will have text, video, and a pdf manual tutorials available after full release in August 2012.

Will I be able to print?

Yes, custom reports are coming with the ability to print.

What happens to my information data once I stop using this planner?

Your information will be availble for viewing at any time. However, without a subscription, you will not be able to add information, it will be view only.

I don't have good internet at all times. Will I be able to still view my planner without the internet?

We are currently working on an app that will give users the ability to work off-line, synching data when a connection is detected.

Do you have a user manual that I can peek through?

When we release the full version of our software, we will be posting a user manual as well as video and text tutorial on each page of the software.